Our Story

Content and Coffee was founded in 2014 as a creative company with web design & development as its core business. We built websites and/or web applications for companies and organizations. We are a small, close and efficient distributed team of experienced developers and coaches. We are passionate about creating quality content driven by efficacy in our work. Flexibility and tailor fit project management from a positive and easy accessible interaction. Building sustainable relations with all of our clients is a key factor in what we do. We will take our time to get to know you and your organisation (Coffee), whilst offering a creative project tailor fit to your needs (Content). We built our applications with Drupal and we have experience with working with PHP, Symfony and Laravel. We are proud to say that our clients have found each other through word of mouth advertisement, since we strive towards a 100% customer satisfaction.


Mathias is a no nonsense and self made guy. Learning and growing are his key assets. You can always learn from a previous experience and you can always do better. He likes to code, to develop and to listen to the needs of the clients.


Catherine stands for clear communication and will look for an evidence based framework in everything she does. She keeps striving towards a higher level of efficiency in her own team and when working with clients. Lifelong learning and innovating is what she stands for. Her analytic point of view is an absolute asset in every project she does.